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Morzine Massage

Have the mountains taken their toll on your body? or do you just fancy having a great massage as part of your holiday?….Anyone and everyone can benefit from a Mountain Rehab massage…Our therapists will massage you, and with all their knowledge of anatomy, and how muscles work will be able to release the knots and ensure that you feel at your peak here in the mountains tomorrow.

We can massage you in the comfort of your accommodation (we are happy to do massages in Les Gets / Morzine and surrounding villages) or you can come to the treatment rooms in central Morzine if you are short on space or are looking for some peace and quiet.

Massage Treatments
In discussion with you, your massage will be tailored to your specific needs

Sports Massage – Specific to your sport and targeting those areas of your body which are most in need of attention.  Deep, lighter, or a combination, depending on what you have been up to during the day and what your plans are for the following day.
Sports Massage is not only for athletes, it is also beneficial to people who suffer from general aches and pains. What could be more perfect than an invigorating massage to ease away stresses and set you up for a great holiday? We all know how an unsuspecting body can feel after a tough day on the slopes! Whether its burning calf muscles, sore thighs or knotted shoulders, if you want a faster recovery from muscle soreness, book a Mountain Rehab massage.

Deep Tissue Massage – A really thorough all over massage to work out those more troublesome knots with Fasial release techniques.

Relaxing/ Post Exercise Massage – Soothing and gentle for the end of the day or when you just want to have a relaxing hour to yourself.

If it’s a wet day or you just fancy a day off the mountain, a massage is a great treat.

Group discount offer
Avoid massage envy in your chalet, Book a therapist to come to you, 280€ for 4 & 1/2 hours and split the time between you as you like.

Prices for Massage

90mins = 105€

60mins = 75€

45mins = 60€

30mins = 45€

Group discount – Book an evening of massages for your chalet 280€ for 4 ½ hours and spilt the time between you all as you like.

Book now.