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Our performance and rehabilitation gym is well equipped and is great for all your work out needs. It is mainly equipped with Life Fitness equipment and includes:

Activate running machine,
Dual adjustable pulley machine,
Smith machine /squat rack,
Leg press.
2 x Watt bikes
TechnoGym Cross trainer
Concept II Rowing machine
Dip and Leg raise station
2 x Adjustable bench
1 x Flat bench
Dumbbells 16 pairs – 2.5K, 2x 5Kg, 7.5Kg, 2 x 10Kg, 12.5Kg, 2 x 15Kg, 17.5kg, 2 x 20kg, 22.5kg, 2 x 25Kg, 30Kg
Olympic EZ curl bar (7.5kgs)
Olympic bar 20 kgs
Olympic weight plate set; 4 x 1.25 kg, 4 x 2.5 kg, 2 x 5 kg, 2 x 10 kg, 2 x 15 kg, 2 x 20 kg and 2 x 25 kg.
Medicine Balls 3 – 7kgs
Swiss Balls small, medium and large

The gym is open from 7am – 8pm weekdays and 8am – 6pm weekends, please note it is not possible to just turn up, we do not have a reception at the gym. If you would like to come down please contact us first so we can arrange for a staff member to let you in.
We have several membership options from one off visits to annual memberships, please contact us for more information.

1 day pass = 15€

1 week pass = 35€